Staff Super Heroes

Administration / Support Staff

Mr. Michael D. Griffin, Director

Mr. Chad D. Reneau, Assistant Director

AnnaMarie Beckett ~ Campus Secretary

Darla Brown ~ Administrative Assistant

Bambi Griffin ~ L.C. Coordinator / Librarian

Megan Klein ~ Nurse

Mattie Morris ~ Administrative Assistant

Katisha Reneau ~ Instructional Coach / CTC


Breanna Bass, Kindergarten

Leslie Fowler, Kindergarten

Lacey Shedd, Kindergarten

Amy Crandall, First Grade

Carla Miller, First Grade

Jamee Miller, First Grade

Heather Hilton, Second Grade

Rita Holloway, Second Grade

Patty Spaulding, Second Grade

Madison Ansett, Third Grade

Bethany Utzman, Third Grade

Nancy Howe, Fourth Grade

David Pinson, Fourth Grade

Shayla Pavillard, Fifth Grade

Michelle Weddington, Fifth Grade

Disney Collier, Sixth Grade

Russell Pavillard, Sixth Grade

Maggie Lanigan, Seventh Grade

Heather Unwin, Seventh Grade

Jaclyn Gaitan, Eighth Grade

Alecia Weaver, Eighth Grade

Katherine Dryden, Ninth Grade

Tiffanie Kisor, Tenth Grade

Amber Read, Tenth Grade

Mary Wands, Eleventh Grade

Brandy Shaffer, Twelfth Grade

Ashlee Jefferies, Physical Education

Kristen Roberts, Special Education

Teacher's Aides and Assistants

Briana Evans

Dawn Hobbs

Becky Nicholson

Samantha Rodgers

Alyson Smith

Lindsey Smith

Shannon Tipton

Misty Upton-Tupin

Jordan Ward

Amarillo Collegiate Academy is thankful to have such a loving and dedicated staff!

Key for Years of Service Completed with ACA: *(5+ years) ^(10+ years)